Broadcast Consulting

Broadcast Consulting

Proper planning is the most crucial issue for the development of any project. For this reason, Innovator offers a consulting service to help you understand what your requirement costs.

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Plan together

with professionals

Creating a television/radio/studio or production company involves many steps of importance. The Innovator team’s extensive experience and reliable work ethic respond to this significant challenge. In addition, our technical team can help you develop and implement plans of any complexity. For this reason, we are constantly training staff, introducing innovations with international partners, and monitoring all technological innovations in the field of broadcasting.

Effective and sustainable

media technology solutions

Our experience and business and technical expertise make us intimately aware of the challenges and opportunities you encounter in today’s rapidly changing media landscape.

Innovator always begins by understanding your business and your primary objectives.

We then work backward to find the perfect technology solution to enable you to meet your end goal.

Architecture & Consulting

We start with the end goal in mind and then find the perfect technology solution to meet your needs


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Broadcast Consulting

The personnel experts of Innovator will provide you with the highest quality assistance with full diligence and reliability when working on any project. As a result of their service, you will be able to receive the most precise answers to the questions on

building planning

Maximization of the capabilities of the building, measuring off, creating 2D / 3D, and Determining TV spaces and functionality in the draft.

equipment selection

Selection/budgeting of equipment required for the project according to specific criteria. Distribution and installation upon request.

broadcast cycles

Determination of the broadcast schedule, the placement of cameras and shots, and the number/placement of staff in the studio.


Determination of three types of indicative budgets by functionality and goals. We will make sure to tailor the proposal to your budget.