About Us

Our mission is to support technical development of the broadcasting and telecommunication industry with professionalism and constant innovation. Organizational culture of Innovator is customer oriented and convenient, fast and effective service. Our goal is to establish long-term, productive and future oriented partnership with our customers.

The company works in telecommunication field and its main directions are:

Distribution of modern broadcasting equipment;

Systematic integration;

Warranty and post-warranty Services;

Every customer is important to us, and it doesn’t matter, if we only provide several products or build a completely new television. We are ready to implement any project by customer demand. During working process on a project, our main objective is to thoroughly study your needs and based on it, make modern, innovative decisions. Every solution made in Innovator is future-oriented and gives you flexible developing possibility. Innovator is an official representative of world leading equipment manufacturers. To see full list of company partners, go to the Partners page.

In 2014 rebranding of company Indent wassuccessfully implemented and from April it’s already LTD “Innovator”. During rebranding, name, logo and corporative colors were changed, new website was also launched. Two symbols are main elements of our company logo. The first symbol ("algiz") stands for protection, support and care; the second one ("ing") is a symbol of hard work and productivity, it clearly expresses the working style and values of our company.


Logo of Innovator is golden. Golden color is associated with the sun; the sun is a sign of warmth and life. Golden is the color of winners and self-confident people. Another corporate color is maroon, which is a color of leadership, determination, and affluence. New name of the company better shows our style and character of work. We are oriented on implementation of innovations and actively working to offer innovations to our customers, we are developing with our customers.



  • November

    2005 - Company Indent was founded in Tbilisi, Georgia.

  • December

    2009 - Company became an official member of non-commercial association TRACE.

  • May

    2014 - Innovator moved to a new office at 2 Marijani Str., Tbilisi 0186, Georgia.

  • October

    2015 - Innovator is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Innovator is the first system integrator in Georgia, which owns the certificate of compliance with international quality management system.

  • April

    2014 - Based on the re-branding, company name, logo and corporate colors were changed. Indent continues its work under a new name - Innovator.

  • July

    2014 - Innovator became a co-founder of Assembly of European Regions' business company.