Collaboration between Innovator and LiveU

ინოვატორისა და liveU ს თანამშრომლობის

Today we would like to tell you about the advantages of collaboration between the companies, Innovator and LiveU:

As a result of the accelerated pace of the 21st century, faster coverage of information has become a necessity. The collaboration between Innovator and LiveU handles exactly this challenge.

LiveU is a leading company in live broadcast systems.

This is the result of high quality, simplified usage, and multi-functionality.

As the brand uses up to 14 independent connections simultaneously, you can use LiveU anywhere, whether it is downtown or the highlands.

In addition, the system has the modern H265 encoding standard, which results in very high-quality video with low bitrate.

The H265 delivers high-quality video even in harsh environmental conditions, while also saving on telephone tariffs by reducing traffic by three times.

LiveU does not use your camera battery and has its own, which increases its efficiency.

In addition, you can change the battery without logging out from the live broadcast.

Note that this omnipotent device weighs just up to 2 kilograms and fits very perfectly in a backpack.

Did you know that by using LiveU you can:

. Transmit 4K p60 10-bit HDR video.

. Transmit 4 HD videos with 1 device.

. Manage PTZ cameras via LiveU network.

▫️ Use 5G network.

. Receive a video signal from the studio.

. Have a two-way communication from the studio to the operator.

. Connect a user that has only a computer or laptop to a LiveU server and broadcast him/her.