Innovator history

The history of Innovator would be an inspirational scenario for any successful project that the Innovator itself would provide with full technical support.

It all started in the dark and cold year of 1994, when not only Production did not exist, but also a professional approach.

At that time, the founder of the Innovator – Mr. Zurab Gegenava – was one of the organizers of the TV broadcast festival “Mana”. Later, while working for the state television, he actively participated in the reform – to establish the Public Broadcaster.

After it was decided to establish the first similar company on the Georgian market, it was near impossible to attract investors because there was a lack of trust, qualifications, proper conditions.

However, experience, hard work, and passion for the field have yielded results:

“The very first step was to participate in the exhibition occurring in Amsterdam in 2006, where we presented our company and tried to show Georgia on the map. It was difficult to convince them, but after a number of successful projects, today we are the official representatives of more than 35 brands in Georgia and in the region. “

Innovator was a pioneer provider of broadcasting and professional video solutions and continues to maintain its leadership in this field till now, which is due to its unrivaled experience and passion for the field.