Innovator Studio - Your Studio

Innovator Studio is the place were you can create your own video/photo content, shoot programmes, video speeches or shoot any type of video content. Virtual studio is convenient for professional and amateur filmmakers. Our studio is equipped with top equipment and offers a space, which will help you make high quality content. Innovator Studio's staff will create comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for you to work in. 

What we offer

Innovator's virtual studio offers professional atmosphere, which will make your filming process productive and pleasant.  

✓ Green screen  (7m X 6m /4m X 2m)
✓ Space for any type of shoot 
✓ Full eqipment support 
✓ Technical support 


Innovator is partners with the world's leading equipment manufacturer companies, which guarantees our studio being stocked with the most up to date broadcast and film equipment. All equipment was selected by our technical staff especially for the virtual studio. 

Full technical list

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