The Project of Innovator in Ethiopia

ინოვატორის პროექტი ეთიოპიაში

Did you know that the success of Innovator is also connected to the continent of Africa?!

We would like to tell you the story of how we found ourselves in Ethiopia, how a Georgian company – Innovator – was able to leave behind competing European rival companies easily, gain trust and win international tenders.

The first tender involved the technical re-equipment of Ethiopian state television.

As Innovator had to prove to them that it is qualified and provides high-quality solutions, it was quite hard to even participate in the project, not to mention to win it.

Please, do not forget that Georgia and Georgian companies were not really associated with the introduction of the latest television technologies.

As a result of its knowledge and experience, and despite the fact that no one had heard about Georgia and the company before, Innovator managed to overtake up to ten European competitors and gain the status of a reliable company in Ethiopia, which helped Innovator to establish itself in Ethiopia.

On behalf of Georgia, we have introduced modern, innovative technologies and managed to deliver the highest quality in Ethiopia, obtaining a dignified reputation for the Innovator and our country on the market worldwide.