For the television industry, the 2000s started with the transition to digital broadcasting, so by 2022, everything will be digitized, whether it is video and audio files or story texts.

It should be noted that digital media has brought new challenges: digital reproducing and so-called Playout Systems have become necessary: digital installation stations and large central memory servers.

VSN is a European company located in Spain close to Barcelona; since 1990, the brand’s products have been manufactured in Spain.

VSN is outstanding due to its reliable systems, innovative approaches, and high-quality service.

The company manufactures products such as Central Broadcast Automation.

NewsRoom systems, ingest and playout, studio automation, traffic system, MAM and PAM systems, business analytics modules, and video production systems.

We want to single out some products that have piqued our interest and received plenty of positive feedback from hundreds of leading televisions worldwide and in Georgia.

The Newsroom system, along with the PAM and MAM systems, is a revolutionary product of VSN that allows a complex installation through a web browser; in addition to this, through the product, not only can we find the files on the television by its name but also analyze it using artificial intelligence and make every insignificant detail part of the file:

For example, if we see a celebrity in a video, the magically innovative face recognition module of the artificial intelligence of VSN automatically detects them and notifies us who is in the video and at which second.

Let us agree that such functionality simplifies the search for material in the enormous archives of television.

The flexibility of the VSN system is outstanding as well; for example, the audio analysis module can decrypt the voice, convert it into text (Georgian speech – into Georgian text or translate it into another language), and automatically attach it to a video as subtitles – the system provides text accuracy of more than 98%. Similar systems are used not only by those for whom the Georgian language is not native but also by persons with disabilities.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that VSN does not change your work environment; it adapts to it and adapts to you: you do not need to acquire new skills – the system adapts perfectly to all popular television broadcast products, whether it is video camera, installation station, server, archive or other. VSN is a company, which integrates modern technology, evolves constantly, and cares for its customers.

If you need a new broadcast or studio playout, material storage and monitoring system, material recording and reproduction system, news and web installation system, integration with artificial intelligence, long-term broadcast planning, and full automation, then VSN is for you.

Remember that automation reduces the number of service personnel and the chance of making mistakes.