Innovator– the official representative of Sony in Georgia.

Innovator collaborates with many global brands, including the globally recognized Sony.

The collaboration with Sony occurred in 2006 when the company opened an official service center in Georgia.

Initially, the relationship between Innovator and Sony was limited to the service center; however, as a result of its successful operation and development, Innovator earned the attention of the regional director of Sony – Yukihiro Nagahama:

Innovator became the official representative of Sony in 2008 and now is the only one in the region that offers customers both system integration and services of distribution and service center.

Innovator continues to successfully cooperate with Sony and provide the highest quality products and services to customers in Georgia and the region.

Sony Professional Solutions and Innovator offer a wide range of products and solutions for broadcast, production, educational or corporate purposes. In addition, Sony provides a product that integrates software and systems to implement the individual goals of users.

Sony Professional Solutions develops and manufactures video and audio technologies for various professional production applications. These include broadcast television and motion picture production, live event production, ENG/EFP, digital cinematography, and more. Sony professional technologies are used in a range of market segments, including faith, healthcare, education, corporate, and sports, among others