Sony Professional

Sony Professional offers various products and solutions across multiple sectors, including Broadcast & Production, Education & Corporate. Sony delivers end-to-end solutions to customers that integrate software and systems to achieve each organization’s individual business goals.

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Sony Professional

Sony works closely with broadcast organizations in Georgia to help develop complex solutions for GPB and GDS TV and build studios to cater to the demanding needs of the new building of the Georgian Parliament in Kutaisi. Furthermore, in line with the broadcast industry’s gradual shift towards 4K, Sony has been working on providing solutions to have seamless transition and integration towards the new technological trends. 

In addition, Sony Professional has a robust portfolio of educational audiovisual solutions, including distance learning, lecture capture, and a range of archive systems, making it an end-to-end solutions provider.

Sony Professional

Innovators’ collaboration with Sony occurred in 2006 when the company opened an official service center in Georgia.

Initially, the relationship between the companies was only to the service center; however, along with successful activities and development, it earned the attention of Sony’s regional director, Yokihiro Nagahama:

In 2008, the innovator became the official representative of Sony and is the only company in the region that offers customers system integration, distribution, and service center services.