DataVideo Innovators partner

DataVideo is a world-famous brand that has effectively cooperated with the innovator for many years.

#Innovator has implemented many successful projects using Datavideo products.

Along with the development of broadcasting systems, Datavideo’s products have also developed.

The company produces budget video cameras, switchers, robotic heads, mobile studios, video and audio encoders, signal converters, intercom systems, etc.

From the production, we can distinguish mobile studios, which provide a compact All-In-One solution. Moreover, systems are available for both streaming and full-fledged broadcasting.

The manufacturer also offers complex large, All-In-One Mobile Studio Solutions, ideal for small portable TV stations in vans and cases. The systems are equipped with such functions as:

video mixer,



video and sound recording,

video and audio monitoring,

audio mixing,


electrical distribution, etc.

Systems are delivered to customers already assembled and configured.


Did you know that Datavideo systems allow us to shoot multi-camera with one piece of 4K video camera?


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