Collaboration between Innovator and LiveU

News Home News LiveU Your Attitude Will Determine Your Success Today we would like to tell you about the advantages of collaboration between the companies, Innovator and LiveU: As a result of the accelerated pace of the 21st century, faster information coverage has become necessary. The partnership between Innovator and LiveU precisely handles this challenge. […]

Innovator – the official representative of Sony in Georgia.

News Home News Sony Innovator– the official representative of Sony in Georgia. Innovator collaborates with many global brands, including the globally recognized Sony. The collaboration with Sony occurred in 2006 when the company opened an official service center in Georgia. Initially, the relationship between Innovator and Sony was limited to the service center; however, as […]

Innovator – the official Partner of VSN

For the television industry, the 2000s started with the transition to digital broadcasting, so by 2022, everything will be digitized, whether it is video and audio files or story texts. It should be noted that digital media has brought new challenges: digital reproducing and so-called Playout Systems have become necessary: digital installation stations and large […]